The exterior wall is the most dynamic element of a building:
  • The exterior wall is the Architects signature on the building. The unique design and innovative application of materials generally define a projects "landmark" status.

  • The exterior wall is in general one of the most expensive (sub) contracts on a project, in some cases as much as 20% of a projects overall budget.

  • The exterior wall is always a critical path activity on every projects schedule.

  • The exterior wall must accommodate long-term performance under extreme exposure to the elements, "sustainable design"; as well as meet stringent environmental requirements, "green design".

International Consulting Services, Inc is offering its clients a unique service to manage all aspects of the exterior wall from design and manufacturing to installation and completion.

Our services go far beyond the traditional consulting services typically offered. In addition to the extensive technical expertise, ICS is offering its clients a unique opportunity, through web-based tracking and professional guidance, to efficiently manage and control all phases of the project. With a relatively minor investment up front, significant savings in time and money can be realized at the successful completion of each project.

Mark Pasveer founded International Consulting Services, Inc. (ICS). As a former executive officer for an international leading Curtain Wall Company Mark has extensive professional knowledge and hands-on experience in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of various exterior curtain wall enclosures.

ICS staff and management gained its extensive expertise in the Curtain Wall and Cladding Industry over the past 20 years as a direct result of its contracting background. ICS has a very realistic and practical approach to the design and engineering of the building envelope; knowing what it takes to build a project from the ground up whilst facing commercial, technical and logistic challenges.