Completed and Ongoing Projects

Aliante Station - Casino

Aliante Station

Corona Pointe - Office Building

Doha Inernational Airport Quatar

Corona Pointe

House of Ear Institute

Hydra Tower - Luxury Residential Tower

Ko'Olani Residential Condo Tower

Hydra Tower

Nextel Building - Commercial Office Building

Oberoi Commercial Office Building

Oberoi Mega Shopping Complex - Multi Level Shopping Complex

One Broadway Plaza - Highrise Office Building

Palomar West Medical Center - Medical Building

Showcase lll

St. Joseph's Medical Center - Medical Building

Sukoon Tower


Suzhou Industrial Park, PRoC


Venetian - Tower 6A

Warner Center

Sukoon Tower

Watchtower - Commercial Office Building

1010 Wilshire Blvd - Commercial Office Building

10th and Market Street

Ventian Macau China

11611 San Vincente Boulevard - Commercial Office Building

2100 Franklin

2211 Michelson - Office Bulding

10th and Market Street

311 Oak Street - Residential Condo Complex

400 Fifth Avenue - Hotel/Office Building

525 Golden Gate - Public Office Building

350 Broadway - New York

8484 Wilshire (LFP Building) - Commercial Bldg

SOHO Tower, New York

125 Greenwich, New York