Structural Engineering


ICS is working closely with licensed SE, in the state of California and several other states have extensive experience and expertise in the field of structural design and analysis. We provide complete design and analysis for all types of exterior building envelopes, including interior and exterior ornaments and cladding materials. ICS services also include but not limited to preparation and review of structural systems and calculations for a wide range of systems, such as but not limited to systems listed below.
  • Curtain Wall Systems.
  • Space Frame Structures.
  • Cable Structures.
  • Stick Systems.
  • Panel Systems
  • Light Gage framing
  • Blast & ballistic Resistant Facades / Structures.
  • High wind Resistant Facades / Structures.
  • Railing systems.
  • High Span Wall.

ICS involvement is not limited to reviewing or preparing a calculation package that meets the governing agency approval. Our goal is to find the most cost effective design solution for our clients and the project.

Often a design is developed before a structural analysis check is performed, which can result in significant revisions either to the wall system, the primary structure or both.

Our extensive design experience of exterior and interior wall systems combined with our structural engineering capacity allows us to address the architectural design development and structural integrity of the system at the same time, a win win situation for our clients.

ICS utilizes the latest software for the structural analysis and optimization of system sizes and connections. Our structural design process rages from static check of members for simple systems, dynamic elasto plastic using SD OF for simple beams with dynamic loading, to fully utilized finite element analysis for complex systems. We recognize that a detailed FE model, will best represent the studied system, and will enable us to verify stresses and deformations on each component.

















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